The speed limit on one of the busiest roads into Cardiff is being cut to 30mph

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The council say that all 40mph signs on Northern Avenue have now been taken down, but the process to replace the signs on some side roads which lead onto Northern Avenue are yet to be removed. The signs are being rolled out now and the work is due to be completed shortly — but no completion date is yet known. The council got permission in via a Traffic Regulation Order to reduce the speed limit which they say is to improve road safety.

It is only now that it is being implemented. The stretch of road affected The new Northern Avenue 30mph zone A council spokesman said that drivers should follow the limit shown on the signs at each point of the road but be aware that not all the signs are yet in place. Drivers should be aware the limit varies between 30mph and 40mph while the new signs are being installed. If the speed limit signs are still showing as 40mph, drivers can still drive at 40mph but anyone doing 40mph in an area with signs indicating 30mph could be prosecuted for speeding.

The advice is to follow Rule of the highway code and stick to 30mph. That rule states which says: The presence of street light generally means that there is a 30mph speed limit unless otherwise specified. Rob Browne Enforcement will only happen when the signs are up, according to the spokesman.

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The County Council of the City and County of Cardiff v Matthew Scully-Hicks and Others [2016] EWFC

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