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But, this one may not be a cakewalk. Tech will be playing five days after playing a late Monday night in a potentially physically and emotionally draining game against Tennessee, while Jacksonville State will have two weeks to prepare. Jacksonville State is ranked No. A loss would still be a surprise, but a win that is more uncomfortable than fans would prefer would not. Call this one the Stansbury Bowl. The game figures to be one of contrasts. UCF averaged 75 plays per game last season, while Tech averaged Three of the four games have been decided in the final minutes, the past two in the final minute.

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McGovern and his team searched the remains of two villages from the Neolithic era — or the last part of the Stone Age — about 30 miles south of the capital, Tbilisi. Clay vessels found at these Neolithic sites and others in Georgia suggest the people most likely stored their wine in large, round jars as big as liters, enough to hold about bottles. They also probably buried them underground to ferment, which is still practiced in Georgia to this day.

The team retrieved several jar shards from the sites, which they then chemically analyzed. To their surprise, eight had telltale signs of wine residue long absorbed into the pottery, including tartaric acid, which is like a flashing neon light indicating traces of grape, as well as malic, succinic and citric acids.

Broadcast tower[ edit ] The mountain top and Skyride The short broadcast tower on the top of the mountain transmits two non-commercial stations:

Lee and Thomas J. The entire carved surface measures 1. The deepest point of the carving is at Lee’s right elbow, which is 12 feet 3. The Venable Brothers , owners of the mountain, deeded the north face of the mountain to the UDC in Gutzon Borglum was commissioned to do the carving. Borglum abandoned the project in and later went on to begin Mount Rushmore.

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How much do contestants get paid? Why is Georgia Toffolo famous? Georgia joined the cast of E4’s Made in Chelsea for its seventh series in , along with a host of new faces. But she’s the only one who joined that series who still remains part of the show.

On one side, the parents’ bedroom remained intact.

Republicans fended off a fresh-faced first-time candidate in the Atlanta suburbs on Tuesday, keeping a House seat in GOP hands as it has been for four decades. It made for a slog for voters there, but about a quarter-million still cast ballots. The win came at a heavy cost, both in terms of cash and in morale. The district reflects changing demographics in the country, few of which should give the GOP reasons to celebrate.

The Georgia district, anchored in the affluent Atlanta suburbs, had been reliably Republican territory for almost four decades, dating to The former farmland north of Atlanta has become a bustling center of commerce that rivals the downtown. Marco Rubio and came close to losing it a second time to Hillary Clinton. As more residents have moved in, the area has become less solidly Republican.

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report notes that there has been an almost six-point swing toward Democrats since , and, like much of the South, this could bode well for Democrats in the long-term. The House seat was seen reliably red—it previously was held by Newt Gingrich, and by the GOP since —but Democrats looked the numbers and made the gamble they could win both the seat and a highly symbolic victory. That changed Tuesday night, with Ossoff catching what is perhaps an early wave of anti-Trump sentiment that seems to be bleeding into Republican circles.

After all, according to one analysis, there are 47 GOP incumbents who represent districts that are more left leaning than the Georgia district where Ossoff almost prevailed. But candidates matter, too. Ossoff, who grew up in the district but did not live there, was a fresh-faced rookie who ran a stronger than expected campaign.

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It was the tragic ending to a situation that reportedly began when Schultz called to report that a suspicious individual — who turned out to be Schultz — was lurkin