‘Empire’ 215 More Than Kin and Lucious Lyon’s mom pops in

Henson and Lucious’ Terrence Howard are back together as business partners, and there’s even a hint at a romantic reconciliation. But is it just set up for another epic Lyon brawl? We got a few hints they might want each other back, from Hakeem’s zinger — “I ain’t getting King Kong and Godzilla back together! You might want to send for some vinegar and water. These two are so Lemonade: Cookie needs a thug and Lucious needs a ride-or-die chick. Where else would either of them go? Six times Lucious Lyon reminded us he’s basically the devil this season By the end of it all — after Anika Grace Gealey has been rushed to the hospital with pregnancy complications; Jamal Jussie Smollett and Michael Rafael de La Fuente look like they might rebound; Hakeem Bryshere Gray has a bottles-and-models orgy before his engagement is broken off and then back on again; and we get a glimpse of Becky Gabourey Sidibe with the good hair?! He keeps enemies close, and since Cookie has more dirt on him than anybody and will do anything for her sons including Andre Trai Byers , who’s just discovered his father had been lying to him about his grandmother , he definitely has reason to keep her in check.

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When she loses bingo she throws her cards and chips on the floor, which makes Andre realize she really might be a Lyon. Gray are in the studio working together on new music. They plan to add a female singer to the track and Hakeem wants to get Tiana Serayah , which could start problems with Laura Jamila Velazquez. Henson has the whole family get together to talk about how the American Sound Award performance is going to work and of course it leads to an argument between Lucious Terrence Howard and his sons.

While they fight, Andre interrupts them and introduces all of them to their grandmother, who Lucious said was dead.

He was drinking a bottle of champagne while sitting on the steps talking to some models Look up the Mitchell Twins “So y’all sister’s?

Thursday, October 13, By: Andre and Lucious are working together again, Angelo is winning Cookie’s heart and Jamal is focusing on his music. Hakeem gets ahead of himself but that bond we mentioned between Andre and Lucious saves the day. Then there’s Rhonda Lyon Let’s start from the beginning: Andre can’t keep his eyes off of Nessa and she’s feeling him as well. The visit doesn’t go as planned. Andre and Lucious find other record label executives at Shine’s studio. There’s a bidding war for Nessa and Lucious is furious.

Angelo takes Cookie to her first opera Angelo shows up to Empire with three kids that sing Cookie a song. He then invites her to the opera which turns out to be a charity event. Cookie enjoys the song the opera singer , Gia, performs. Hakeem has a party at his crib and they air the event on Empire’s live streaming service. Shine convinces Hakeem to write Empire’s offer on a napkin.

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Everyone knows not to bother me when my show is on! Let me calm down! On Episode 7 of Empire Lucious has a huge show presentation set up to present to potential investors of his Empire and he needs everything to go exactly as he has it planned but his ride or die chick Cookie rushes into his office yelling and demanding an answer from him and all of a sudden he has an ASL attack and keels over.

I never thought that Cookie would shut up but that did it.

It’s a much more profound story about identity, but it’s still about whether she can ever reclaim that moment.

However, they have to come together when Jamal wants to leave rehab before his treatment is complete. Cookie is also mad at him for tipping off the reporter about Angelo’s past, so she brings Lucious’ mother to his event and brings her on stage. In the past, Lucious made it seem like his mother was dead to the public, so the crowd quickly turns on him. After the show, Angelo leaves for Boston to find his old friend and dig up the records that prove he did not kill anyone when he got a DUI.

She checked into rehab for drugs after passing out on stage at Fenway Park. Lucious joins his family at Jamal’s meeting. He’s completed half of his program and wants to go home to work on music, but Cookie does not think it is a good idea. Cookie and Lucious fight about Cookie giving Jamal pills before his last performance at Angelo’s rally. Take Him Down Shine officially starts working at Empire Entertainment and Andre talks to him about their plan to take down and kill Lucious. Shine thinks they should back off because Lucious’ new project is going to take off, but Andre disagrees.

The Lyon Family

This story contains spoilers from Wednesday’s season four premiere of Empire, “Noble Memory. Months after the terrible car explosion that robbed him of his memory, the series picked up with a kinder, gentler Lucious. In the most shocking development, the premiere also revealed that Lucious lost part of his leg in the explosion — something that was kept under wraps in the finale as he was hidden by blankets while he was in the hospital.

In the episode, that was revealed to viewers at home and also the public at large within the show when Lucious showed his injury to attendees at a special Empire anniversary special.

When he performs it, Lucious has a look on his face like he knows Cookie helped.

Nastra Cookie recently got out of prison and is now trying to get what rightfully belongs to her. Her ex-husband Luscious is doing the best to keep her content because he knows he’s the reason for her being locked up in the first place. Time has passed and while some things are bound to change, some things remain the same. Warning- Adult Themes and rating may change. This is an Alternate reality, so it really isn’t canon to the actual storyline.

She saw that the back of his chair was facing her. Though, he still didn’t turn his chair around. Her ex-husband sighed heavily and twirled his chair around to give her his lazy smirk. He had to admit she looked very lovely today.

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Salute that woman because she is the show, the after party, and the hotel. Meanwhile, Naomi Campbell is lost in contemporary colloquialism, Jamal has lost his boo thang, and once again, Andre has lost his damn mind. Does hip-hop really require this much showmanship to sell itself in ? I should probably stop belaboring this point, but these potential investors were treated to a concert, some Cirque du Soleil-like shit, and an all you can eat rich people food buffet to help a rap label go public.

You can absolutely look forward to seeing that in the very next episode.

Storyline[ edit ] Lucious Lyon was born Dwight Walker. He grew up in Philadelphia [7] and began selling drugs as an orphan [8] at the age of 9 to support himself, after his father was murdered by the Nation of Islam. Cookie is eventually arrested in a drug run and sentenced to prison. After becoming a successful rapper and singer , Lucious uses his drug money to build his own record company, Empire.

After announcing his plans to take Empire public, Lucious is informed that he has ALS and is given 3 years to live. He soon becomes engaged to a younger woman and debutante named Anika Calhoun. His position in his company is threatened when Cookie returns from prison after having served her year sentence, which was reduced due to her becoming an FBI informant unbeknownst to Lucious. Lucious and Cookie pit Hakeem and Jamal against one another in an effort to prove who has more musical talent and to determine which one will inherit Empire.

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At Empire, Cookie is not feeling Harper, the reporter that has gotten close to Lucious. She can see right through her. During an ASA event, Jamal does not hide his angst and frustration with his father while speaking to reporters.

These two people really care about one another.

Gray, left doesn’t trust Cookie’s Taraji P. Henson, right new lover Laz Adam Rodriguez, not pictured and how he deals with Lyon Dynasty business on “Empire” episode 7. Henson spending three days in bed with her new lover Laz Adam Rodriguez. Lucious, meanwhile, is in the studio with Freda Gatz Bre-Z helping get the most out of his artist on a new track on which he wants her to rap with him. Laz meets with one of his fellow gang members, who wants Laz to stay focused on business and less on Cookie.

Mimi Marisa Tomei returns and suggests Empire purchase a streaming service called Swift Stream to break into the music streaming business. Andre used to hook up with Alvarez for government favors Lucious wanted. His pastor tells him Lucious is trying to test him again and there are other ways he can achieve what he wants for Empire without comprising his health or his faith. Lucious goes to meet with Jago at his boxing gym and Mimi encourages him to get in the ring.

Lucious throws on boxing gloves and the two box while negotiating. When Andre meets with Alvarez she starts to get undressed but he stops her. However, Jago inspired him to write a song. Jago gets drowsy and agrees to a merger between the companies. Laz encourages Cookie to sit down with the gang that grabbed Hakeem to get them on security detail for her concert event, which she wants put on in their territory.

Fox Empire Episode #7 Lucious Finally Tears Up That Cookie

Right around this time of year, too. Lucious ended the night behind bars, busted in this case by the Feds rather than the Romans. Lucious was specifically charged with gunning down his cousin Bunkie, though the Feds really don’t care much about the sanctity of Bunkie’s life. They just want Lucious, and now they think they’ve finally nailed him. They don’t know that their star witness, Lucious’s bodyguard Vernon Turner, got himself accidentally killed a couple of hours earlier.

For the record, Vernon was killed by Andre’s wife Rhonda, who was trying to break up a fistfight between Vernon and Andre.

And now keeping those two women from killing each other was a new task the CEO never wanted.

This is the character page for the TV series Empire. Feel free to move characters around if their affiliations change over the course of the show. In addition to the five immediate Lyons, also included are spouses and Cookie’s relatives. Perhaps the most screwed-up family in the setting, at that. Granted, most of the damage is done by Lucious and, by extension, his mother. Some of them Andre, Hakeem, and Lucious to be exact have no scruples on turning against the other occasionally to get what they want.

This tends to be Lucious against the rest of the family, yet even he helps the others stop anyone else trying to take over or destroy Empire. Lucious choleric Cookie eclectic Andre melancholic Jamal phlegmatic Hakeem sanguine. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: When Tariq insults Cookie at the dinner table, Lucious and Hakeem don’t do anything, but Andre starts angrily yelling at him and Jamal is ready to knock him out. Then off course, there’s the matter of what Jamal did to Warren’s face Hates these, as all members tend to look down on snitching and avoid it when it can be helped.

Hakeem is The Brute and Tag Along Kid , the least involved in the business but known as a great rapper, and constantly shown working out. Rhonda is the Dark Chick seductress, and head of fashion.

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